LWoo Associates

Polymer Characterization / Failure Analysis Facility

Immediate access to a powerful collection of capabilities for initial assessment, problem solving direction, additional capabilities available when required.

  1. Microscopy with Digital Imaging / Documentation
  1. Thermal Analysis
  1. Melt Rheology

Dynamic and Steady Shear, Cone and Plate and Parallel Plate Modes, w = 0.01 – 300 radian sec-1, Temperature 25 – 350°C. Molecular Weight Comparisons, Polymer Melt Flow Studies, Processing Optimization, Degradation Studies.

  1. Spectroscopy

o    UV/ Visible ( 400-700nm) – Aqueous Dissolved Oxygen Assay, Peroxide Assay, Color Analysis.

o   Fourier Transform Infra-red  ( FTIR) Spectroscopy- Polymer ID, Contamination Analysis

  1. Physical Testing

o   Mechanical Testing of Polymer Film Samples, Seal Strength Studies.

o   High Speed Pneumatic Actuation Small Sample Testing up to 1000 in min-1.


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