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Dr. Lecon ( Lee ) Woo is Baxter Distinguished Scientist Emeritus and founder of LWoo Associates LLC assisting diverse clients from 15B biopharma to small device makers on medical material and device development, drug delivery, and processing design.

He is a lifelong practicing scientist on polymer spectroscopy, additives and leachable profile, microscopy, thermal analysis and rheology. As a fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers, he is globally recognized for his scientific contributions in medical polymers and executive leadership with huge commercial impact evidenced by more than 54 patents, 12 book chapters and > 85 peer reviewed publications.

• Novel eco-friendly polyolefin products replacing PVC with superior economics.
• Unique shelf life prediction methodology supported by real time data.
• Scientific problem solving and root cause CAPA resolution on,
- Complex Drug-Surface interaction ( value >$30M /yr )
- Device brittleness upon radiation sterilization
- Alloy moisture control for failure free device ( > 2B units sold)
- Heterogeneous phase Particulate Matter ( PM) in drug emulsion.
- Processing contamination with serious physiological harm
• Technical evaluation in acquisition due diligence and expert witness.

Trained in chemical physics from the University of Chicago, prior Baxter, he won for Dupont the R&D-100 Award for Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) and at ARCO Chemical Company, developed polyolefins, thermoplastic elastomers, and adhesives. He became the technical director at Baxter’s corporate Material and Membrane Technology Center in 1984. In 1992, he became the first person named to the executive position of Baxter Distinguished Scientist.

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